Peter Rydberg is a multi-hyphenate: producer, engineer, mixer, sound designer, composer, and performer.

He constantly finds himself at the intersection of art and commerce.  In the world of commerce, his career in audio post production has evolved and advanced for over 20 years. From 2008 to 2018 he was the Senior Sound Designer/Composer at Blue Design, a post production, audio, and design studio in Philadelphia where he provided audio engineering, sound design, and original music to a client roster that reads as a who’s who of Fortune 500 companies. He’s received multiple local and regional awards for post production sound design.

In 2003 he opened 1935, a semi-private project studio where he’s made art – engineering and mixing dozens of records, mixing documentaries and music videos, and writing original music for commercials. Over the course of his career and in multiple studios, he’s recorded and mixed music with folks like Goshen Electric Co., Neil Nathan,  Bad Brains and Chino Moreno, Marah, Ben Vaughn, Solas, and countless others. Like many musicians, he’s appeared on stages big and small and has performed on both critically acclaimed albums and record store cut-outs, which are sometimes one and the same.  During his time as a theatrical sound designer with companies such as Philadelphia Theater Company, Arden Theater Company, and Villanova Theater, he flummoxed audiences with sound design that has been described as “rhythmic and discordantly musical,” “over the top awesome,” and “great fun.” He also spent time in an instructional and administrative role teaching and guiding future sound artists of all kinds during a seven year stint at The University Of The Arts.

sound design. original music. documentaries and shorts.

music production.

Goshen Electric Co.
The Gray Tower
engineer, mixer, mastering

Bad Brains (featuring Chino Moreno)
Rock For Light
engineer, mixer

The Tiger
engineer, mixer

Howling Fantods
Sunn 1))): Sunn Amplifier
engineer, mixer

Broken Prayers
Sin Eater
producer, engineer, mixer

Weird Hot
Lunatics By The Sea
engineer, mixer

the spirit world
Black And Gray
producer, engineer, mixer, mastering

Windy City
engineer, mixer

The Donuts
Elephant’s Graveyard
engineer, mixer

Christel Rice
Tunnel Vision
producer, engineer, mixer

Matt Pond PA
Green Shirt

Jukebox Zeros
Cigarettes And Sorrow
producer, engineer, mixer



As of April 2018  I’m fully freelance, working out of my own studio, and available for any and all types of music and audio production: from every stage of record production (produce/track/mix/master) to post production – including original music, sound design, mixing, and more. Check out my reel a little further up the page or …


Thanks for stopping by the revamped website. You can now browse through a Vimeo production reel showcasing my sound design and original music as well as check out some records I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of.


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